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Back Home.

With a thud the plane touched down. Back in San Francisco. Damn it’s cold here. I had an amazing time in San Diego connecting with dear old friends and meeting thier awesome kids.Many many thanks to John,Heather,Hunter and Logan. We shot some great footage of me cutting up a whole chicken as well as a leg of goat. I will be posting these soon

Now i need to crash. I gotta start cooking my goat necks in the morning for the saturday goat carnitas party.

Eat well. dave.

Away we go.

The sun is coming out finally. I am down in San Diego visiting a couple of amazing old friends. John and Heather. So great to have a break in the butcher world to come down and meet thier kids Hunter and Logan.

We have been talking alot about meat and nutrition. Heather was a stout vegetarian for 25 years. A few years ago she had a bout with colon cancer. That brought her around to realize that getting all her protein from tofu was not the most healthy way.

Now she eats organic grass pastured beef. She orders primals and cuts them down for the family.

Yesterday i gave her a demo on boning and butterflying a leg of local grass pastured goat.

Today i will show her how to cut her primals into steaks or tie them into a roast. We are also going to work on a whole chicken. Cutting it up and looking at all the things we can do with all the various parts.

The question is how to feed a family with healthy meat on an artists budget. Hehe.

For now i am off to listen to some german radio. Ciao.