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Just a quick thanks to everyone that came to the beef dinner I did at LaTrappe last Sunday. Was such a great time. Wonderful to meet and talk to all you people. I know nobody left hungry or sober. haha.
I will be doing a pork competition at Cochon 555 in Napa this Sunday March 6th. Check it out at http://www.cochon555.com/. Will be a good time.
Cheers, Dave.

Peer Respect

So today i was working up at Avedanos. I came out of the walk in and noticed 2 customers pointing at and talking about my chain belt that holds my knife scabbord around my waist. I wasn’t in the mood for the usual ” Wow that is a crazy belt” spiel i get all the time. I was busy and in my own world. So with a bit ( haha) of attitude i walk up and ask what i can do for them. Come to find out this was Dario Cecchini. The world renowned Italian butcher. I took a step back and offered them a little tour of Avedanos. Was so nice to meet a peer who understands and lives¬† the art of butchering. It is in the blood. I cannot express what a pleasure and honor it was to meet Dario and Kim. What wonderful real people they are.¬† This was a breathe of fresh Tuscan air. Dario is doing an event at Nopa tomorrow. If you haven’t got tix then get them now as he is a wonderful spirit . I can also tell you that he is a true life butcher/Artist. I hope our paths cross again in this short life.
Cheers Dario and thanks for the visit.