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Philosophy Talk

I will be a guest on the weekly radio program Philosophy Talk this Sunday, June 19th. The topic is morality:

MORALITY AND THE SELF (with guest Benoit Monin)
Social psychologists have discovered that our self-images play a surprising role in our thinking about everyday moral matters. Individuals who feel that they have already proven themselves to be morally good people feel less pressure to do the right thing than someone whose moral credentials are still in question. And people often resent, rather than applaud, the morally admirable actions of others if those actions threaten their own sense of moral adequacy. In this episode, John, Ken and their guest, moral psychologist, Benoit Monin, explore the surprising ways in which our own self-images influences our moral evaluations and reasoning.

Location: The Marsh, 1062 Valencia St
Date and Time: June 19th, 12 pm
Tickets: $15 pre-sale/$20 at door; click here to buy tickets