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Just a quick thanks to everyone that came to the beef dinner I did at LaTrappe last Sunday. Was such a great time. Wonderful to meet and talk to all you people. I know nobody left hungry or sober. haha.
I will be doing a pork competition at Cochon 555 in Napa this Sunday March 6th. Check it out at http://www.cochon555.com/. Will be a good time.
Cheers, Dave.

New events

So as i promised a student at my sausage class last week, iam getting back in the saddle of keeping this site up to date. haha.
This weekend is the Eat Real Fest at Jack London Square in Oakland.On saturday I will be doing a goat butcher demo at 2pm and competing in the beef breaking competition at 7pm. Sunday i will be involved in the pork cutting competition. This is a great fest. Free to get in and no food over 5 bucks. check out www.eatrealfest.com
On saturday September 25th Primal returns to the same beautiful vinyard as last year. This going to be an amazing event. I will be on the bill with many talented butchers. Check out www.artofthebutcher.com
I have 3 other events lined up for Oct. 30th, November 6th and November 12th. Details in the next few days as i lock everything in.
Hope you are all well and enjoying this great weather.
Cheers, Dave.

Peer Respect

So today i was working up at Avedanos. I came out of the walk in and noticed 2 customers pointing at and talking about my chain belt that holds my knife scabbord around my waist. I wasn’t in the mood for the usual ” Wow that is a crazy belt” spiel i get all the time. I was busy and in my own world. So with a bit ( haha) of attitude i walk up and ask what i can do for them. Come to find out this was Dario Cecchini. The world renowned Italian butcher. I took a step back and offered them a little tour of Avedanos. Was so nice to meet a peer who understands and lives¬† the art of butchering. It is in the blood. I cannot express what a pleasure and honor it was to meet Dario and Kim. What wonderful real people they are.¬† This was a breathe of fresh Tuscan air. Dario is doing an event at Nopa tomorrow. If you haven’t got tix then get them now as he is a wonderful spirit . I can also tell you that he is a true life butcher/Artist. I hope our paths cross again in this short life.
Cheers Dario and thanks for the visit.

Keeping up.

Ok so it has been a fast month since my last post. I am here and will be getting some fotos up soon.

Thanks to everyone who came to the Cochon555 event at the Fairmont on sun the 14th. That was really fun. If any of you took fotos and fell like sharing please send them to dave@davethebutcher.com.

I saw the new film “Food inc.” today. Great film. Go see it if you can. We all need to get together to wrestle our food out of the hands of the big corporations. Please supprt local farmers and butchers as well as local small business.

Keep checking back here. I will announce new posts on my twitter feed. Lots of new and exciting stuff coming up.
Stay tuned.
Cheers, Dave.