and away we go…….

Welcome to 2010. Alot of great things coming up this year. Looks like i will be doing a pig roast event at 83 Proof on sunday jan 31. I will know for sure by the end of this week. In the meantime check out the website
I am doing another Butchery & Belgian Bier event at LaTrappe on sunday Feb 14th. Yes that is Valentines day. I will be doing a butcher demo with a whole pig. We will be putting together a pork centric menu that will be paired with Belgian Biers. Tix should be available online soon. So grab your sweetie and get on up to North Beach. Check out

Starting in March i will be doing some hands on classes at the Ferry Plaza as well as with Urban Kitchen SF.  We are putting together a knife skills series that will be alot of fun. At Avedanos we are also putting a new class schedule together. Go to and get on the mailing list.
If you are in North Beach go check out the new mexican street food place Don Pistos at 510 Union st. at Grant. Go in and say hey to Pete. He is doing some really fresh and flavorful  food in a beautiful space. He just opened a few weeks ago and iam totally addicted. Great Place. Just what North Beach needed.
I went and had lunch at Barbacco today. Chef Staffan and Chef Sarah are a blessing to the food landscape of our fair city!. Great menu filled with delicious food. The interior is beautiful as well. Go check em out at 230 California St. Right next to Perbacco. Though be careful not to walk into the mirror. Hehehe.  Don’t forget to become a fan of Dave the Butcher on Facebook.

Ok here’s wishing everybody a happy and healthy New Year.

Stay tuned.

Peer Respect

So today i was working up at Avedanos. I came out of the walk in and noticed 2 customers pointing at and talking about my chain belt that holds my knife scabbord around my waist. I wasn’t in the mood for the usual ” Wow that is a crazy belt” spiel i get all the time. I was busy and in my own world. So with a bit ( haha) of attitude i walk up and ask what i can do for them. Come to find out this was Dario Cecchini. The world renowned Italian butcher. I took a step back and offered them a little tour of Avedanos. Was so nice to meet a peer who understands and lives  the art of butchering. It is in the blood. I cannot express what a pleasure and honor it was to meet Dario and Kim. What wonderful real people they are.  This was a breathe of fresh Tuscan air. Dario is doing an event at Nopa tomorrow. If you haven’t got tix then get them now as he is a wonderful spirit . I can also tell you that he is a true life butcher/Artist. I hope our paths cross again in this short life.
Cheers Dario and thanks for the visit.

Awesome new event!

So here we are almost the end of October. I have been ordering turkeys all week. Yup THE holidays are fast upon us. So with that i have an amazing event coming up to usher in the season. On November 7th the Avedanos crew and I will be taking part in Primal. This is a celebration of open fire cooking. The list of butchers and chefs is amazing and iam proud to be in thier company. There will be a butcher demo, lots of great chefs cooking over open fires along with bier,cocktails and an array of wineries being represented. This event will be outside in St. Helena. Possibly the last outdoor event of the year. A portion of the proceeds will go to charity as well. This is a don’t miss event for sure, put on by the same people who brought Cochon555 to the Fairmont last spring. I hope to see you all there. Come support the cause, Avedanos or just your own need to get out of the city and chill. Go to for full info and tix.

Back to work.

After a wonderful 3 weeks in Berlin Iam ready to get back in the groove.  I had an amazing time in Berlin. Reconnecting with all my amazing friends as well as meeting new ones. Stopped in at my favorite pubs and saw some great live musik. Berlin is a really special place.

Currywurst in Berlin

Had to have a Currywurst!!

DSC06514Great mascot for the butchershop in the Moabit neighborhood of Berlin. One sexy pig.

Really had a great time at all the turkish markets as well. So much amazing food.

So looking to October and beyond. There is alot in the works. Hopefully I will have a whole new series of classes coming up. We are also planning another event at LaTrappe for November of December. I also want to thank everyone that came to the goat event last month. It was really great to see you all there.

So stay tuned.

Eat well, Dave.

How to butcher a goat?

How to butcher a goat?

How many ways do you want?

Today Dave prepares for tomorrow’s “Butchery and Belgian Bier” event in the La Trappe kitchen in North Beach.

Dave at La Trappe on Saturday

Dave at La Trappe on Saturday

In addition to the “feature” of Dave breaking down an entire boer goat into specific meals live for his guests (utilizing the entire goat!), owners Mike Azalini and Mike Moore will be presenting appetizers and entrees featuring goat prepared by Dave matched with some of the three hundred-plus Trappist style, craft brewed ales they regularly serve at La Trappe.

Dave the Butcher and Mike Moore of La Trappe

Dave the Butcher and Mike Moore of La Trappe

Starting the goat carnitas

Starting the goat carnitas

Dave the Butcher contemplates tomorrow's goat

Dave the Butcher contemplates tomorrow's goat

The meals Dave creates tomorrow will be given away to guests in a raffle. Bar and appetizers begin at 3pm, butchery from 4-6pm and sit down dinner starting at 5.30pm.

La Trappe is located at 800 Greenwich Street, North Beach at the corners of Mason and Columbus Streets in San Francisco.

La Trappe, Grenwich at Columbus and Mason, North Beach

La Trappe, Grenwich at Columbus and Mason, North Beach

There are still eight tickets left for tomorrow, click here to join us!

Butchery and Belgian Bier.

“An Evening of Butchery and Belgian Bier”

David Budworth, aka “Dave the Butcher”, is proud to present an “An Evening of Butchery and Belgian Bier,” on August 23, 2009, starting at 3pm.

“An Evening of Butchery and Belgian Bier” will feature special appetizers, Belgian biers, and goat entrees created by Dave The Butcher. From 4pm-6pm, Dave will break down a whole locally raised, all-natural grain fed goat. Dave will demonstrate different butchering techniques in preparing the goat into a variety of cuts, that will be raffled off after dinner, each paired with a Belgian bier.

The event is hosted and sponsored by LaTrappe Belgian Bistro, located at 800 Greenwich St. in North Beach, San Francisco, California. La Trappe features 18 rotating taps of Belgian ale, and a library of over 350 bottled Belgian ales. With both casual and formal dining areas, La Trappe hosts numerous events during the year, many associated with Belgian cuisine.

“An Evening of Butchery and Belgian Bier” is also sponsored by
Biagio Artisian Meats and Long Ranch of Manteca who are providing the goats for both the evening’s meal and demonstration.

Tickets are priced at $65 per person and include a range of appetizers, Dave’s presentation, one entrée paired with one Belgian bier, a dessert, and one entry into the raffle.

Preparing a leg of goat for dinner in San Diego

Short video excerpts of Dave preparing a beautiful grass-fed, organic leg of goat for dinner on a recent visit to San Diego.

New Butcher Classes.

I will be teaching butcher classes at
Urban Kitchen SF
starting in August. (Click the link for more info!)
Cheers, Dave.

Stay Tuned.

So I know i said i would have the Bier & Goat fest dialed by last week but I ended up moving sooner than I had planned soooo.
Fear not. The Butchery and Belgian Bier Dinner is on. We are finalizing the menu this weekend and will have the paypal button up on the LaTrappe website by tues. On sun Aug 23rd we will open the bar around 3-3:30. Butcher demo starting around 4:30 with dinner service at 5pm. Will be awesome.
More soon!
Cheers, Dave

Butchery & Belgian Bier

Ok, so here is a rough outline of the event Iam doing August 23rd.

We will have a set menu of goat dishes, each paired with a belgian bier. Doors will be at 5pm with dinner at 6pm. I will also be breaking down a whole goat so you can ask questions about different cuts or the how and why of butchering. We will be raffling off the cuts of goat that i break down along with belgian biers.

I think we gonna try and keep it at 60 people max so get tix early. Tix will be avaiable at the events page at We will hopefully have the page set by this week. If you don’t like pay pal and want a ticket,or have any questions, you can email me at Put butchery and belgian bier in the subject. We can work something out for you.

This going to a fun event. LaTrappe is an amazing spot in North Beach. We will be in the cellar bar which used to be a speak easy in the day.
I will post more by the end of the week when i get all the loose ends tied up. Hope to see you all there.

Cheers, Dave.