Monthly Archives: May 2009

Goat carnitas and beef cheeks.

Spent friday braising goat necks in orange juice. Three hours in the oven.Shredded all the meat off the bone once they had cooled down. They came out beautiful. Saturday i made an awesome salsa verde. I found some beef cheeks in the freezer so i braised them with some carrots, onions, adobo and red wine. About 2 hours at 300 in the oven. These came out so velvet textured with a dark intense spicy and smokey flavor from the adobo. I fried the goat neck meat in some kurobata pork back fat to get it nice and crispy. My roomate made tortillas from scratch. So delicious and easy to make. So to say the goat neck party was a blast with everyone enjoying all the good food. Many people trying goat or beef cheeks for the first time. I love when people venture out of their food box. Iam thinking the beef cheeks were my favorite. So tender as well as the intense flavor. I took alot of pictures of the whole process. Hopefully i can get them posted soon.

Eat well, D.